Hot Topic: Nursing Homes for Sex Offenders & Violent Offenders

Appropriate Treatment For Deaf Sex Offenders

3-27-15 National:

Sexual predation is considered to be a heinous crime rather than a disease. In a paper written by Dr. McCay Vernon – the late psychologist who specialized in mental health issues and deaf persons – pedophilia is a “a curse,” because crimes by sexual molesters arouse so much public anger, and sex offenders often receive severe sentences by judges, juries and the public.

The curse extends beyond public outcry.

When a sex offender who is deaf, is sentenced to prison, the programs that prisons offer are often not accessible to them. Prison officials commonly – and wrongly – believe, that providing a sign language interpreter, thus an equivalency of the message will suffice. Not so. Many deaf sex offenders do not understand the psychological vocabulary that is used in these lectures. Further, they cannot read the materials.

Many Deaf adult criminal offenders are reading at the second grade level or below, have histories of physical, and emotional abuse, and may have cognitive disabilities as well. They are unable to grasp the concepts in these sessions, or learn how to process the stages in order to gain awareness of their disease. The textbooks, workbooks and other written materials are often written at the 7th grade or higher, so they cannot read the materials.

Private unit considered for mentally ill seniors

3-26-2015 Iowa:

The Iowa Health Care Association, which represents most of the state's nursing homes, has shown interest in helping set up a small private facility for senior citizens with mental illnesses that make them aggressive.

Although no such program has been formally proposed, the association recently sent the Iowa Department of Human Services an estimate of what it might cost.

The association figures that to start such a facility, a nursing home would need $300,000 for remodeling costs, plus about $422 per day for each resident. The per-day rate is less than half the $857 that state administrators say they're now spending on patients in a geriatric mental health program at the public institution at Clarinda, which is closing. But it is more than twice the $160 per day the state Medicaid program pays nursing homes on average to care for other elderly residents.

Dearden: Nursing care for hard-to-place Iowans

3-23-2015 Iowa:

Iowa's long-term care services receive high praise for quality and affordability. In fact, Iowa's long-term care services are ranked 13th best in the nation in the AARP's most recent Long-Term Care Scorecard.

However, Iowa has struggled to find appropriate nursing facility placements for sex offenders and those who are aggressive or violent, as well as older Iowans who require psychiatric services and nursing home care. Unfortunately, there have been cases in which staff and other residents have been harmed, and facilities have been fined for not providing adequate security when caring for these individuals.

Providing long-term care for sex offenders and those who are aggressive or violent is costly. It requires special training, security and insurance coverage.

The Legislature has attempted to research the issue, most recently in 2013 when a study committee was approved by the Legislature but vetoed by Gov. Terry Branstad. At the governor's direction, the departments of Corrections, Human Services and Inspections & Appeals created an informal work group that met over the past couple of years but produced no policy or funding recommendations.

Man convicted of 1979 kidnapping of 11-year-old girl dies

3-19-15 Iowa:

DES MOINES — A 79-year-old Iowa man convicted of kidnapping and sexually abusing an 11-year-old girl has died in prison.

The Iowa Corrections Department says Robert Padgett died Tuesday of natural causes stemming from dementia. He'd been housed at the Iowa State Penitentiary Hospice Care Unit.

Padgett was a convicted sex offender who'd been released from prison in April 1978 when he kidnapped the girl in 1979 from a dance studio in Fort Madison.

Police say Padgett took the girl to a motel in Coralville, held her captive there and sexually abused her for two days. He released her in Sigourney. ..Source.. by Iowa City Press-Citizen