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California considering a change in Education code related to Deaf Persons

10-4-15 California:

We are getting this from DeafInPrison blog, issues following Happy Birthday post:

Second, California is currently debating a change to their education code, that will create a protection for ASL as the official language of the Deaf and HOH. If this law passes, all students who have language problems in the English speaking world, will have ASL classes available to them. Likewise, Hearing students who want to go into Special Education, as well as ASL clubs and classes in mainstreamed schools, will be offered the opportunity to learn Sign. the following video was made by students in an ASL club in an unidentified California High School. If you’re interested in learning more, the name of the law is SB210, and here’s the .gov link:

There is much more over there, so we suggest folks finish reading there CLICK

Is Amazon's ECHO's "Personal Assistant" for the elderly and disabled?

We now have one of these devices and are testing it to see how it cal help folks.

9-19-2015 National:

Is Amazon's ECHO a device for everyone? Probably not, but it does have features that would be mighty handy for the elderly and many disabled folks, and err couch potatoes, no names mentioned.

What is it? Effectively a "Personal Assistant" with "Plus Option/s" if you decide to use those features. Today's price on Amazon is CLICK. Reviews below sometimes mention different prices.

So a few Reviews, with different points of view. Oh just remember who we are suggesting this for, the elderly and disabled:
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Feds: No Medicaid Reimbursement For Prisoners At Rocky Hill Nursing Home

9-5-15 Connecticut:

ROCKY HILL — The nursing home at 60 West St. seemed to offer a solution to a vexing problem for the state of Connecticut: reducing burgeoning long-term care costs for sick and elderly prison inmates and mental patients.

State officials were confident Medicaid would pick up 50 percent of the cost of care if prison inmates were moved into a privately owned nursing home.

So far, that has not happened, and may never happen.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, a division of the Department of Health and Human Services that administers Medicare and Medicaid, upheld a 2014 decision this summer denying Medicare/Medicaid certification to the nursing home.

The state is appealing but in the meantime, the determination leaves the state responsible for the full cost of the inmates' care.

The owner of the nursing home, SecureCare Options, receives $500 per patient, per day, a fee established at the time the patients were first admitted in May 2013, plus payment for services such as rehabilitation, that otherwise would be reimbursable.

As of Thursday, 58 patients were being cared for at 60 West St. All but three were placements by the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services or Department of Correction, according to Gian-Carl Casa, undersecretary for legislative affairs for the state Office of Policy and Management.

Sex offenders at Clarinda institute taken off registry

2-2-15 Iowa:

Clarinda, Ia. – Four elderly sex offenders who live at the state mental health institute here have been taken off Iowa's public sex-offender registry, raising fears that state officials will quietly transfer the offenders to private nursing homes should the facility be closed.

Opponents of the planned hospital closure have been buzzing about the four offenders' rumored removal from the online registry. State officials confirmed the deletions Monday, but said the action was unrelated to the possible closure of the mental hospital.

Karin Hamilton, a Department of Public Safety administrator who oversees the registry, said her department has removed about 100 sex offenders' names from the public website in the past two months or so. The deletions were due to legal questions over who should be placed on the registry, she said.

The deleted names included the four sex offenders who are committed to a locked unit at the Clarinda mental hospital, she said. The review determined that "incarcerated" offenders need not be listed, she said.

That explanation doesn't wash with Becky Rassler, whose 95-year-old mother was molested repeatedly by one of the offenders now living at the Clarinda institution. William Cubbage, a four-time convicted sex offender, sexually abused Rassler's mother, Mercedes Gottschalk, at a Pomeroy nursing home in 2011.

Gottschalk's family didn't know that Cubbage and another sex offender were living in the nursing home. They only found out after an 8-year-old visitor to the facility reported seeing Cubbage molest Gottschalk and hearing the elderly woman cry out, "No! No! No!"