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New Bills in Congress Affecting Registered Sex Offenders

4-27-2008 National:

In the U.S. House:

HR-4094 To amend the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006 to modify the minimum standards required for the electronic monitoring units (GPS) used in the pilot program for monitoring sexual offenders. Requires "ACTIVE MONITORING" rather than "passive monitoring."

HR-5722 `International Megan's Law of 2008' (' The purpose of this bill: If a RSO is going to another country, for whatever reason including things like vacation, this bill requires notifying the country the RSO is going to. I am quite sure if this passes, the countries notified will prevent the RSO from entering their country.)

HR-5760 An appropriations bill to extend funding (to 2011) for certain programs defined in the original Adam Walsh Act.

HR-5876 This bill pertains to "sex abuse" rather than "sex offenses" or "sex offenders"

In the U.S. Senate:


All Bills in Congress:
All Congressional Bills affecting all registered sex offenders

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