Hot Topic: Nursing Homes for Sex Offenders & Violent Offenders

Blog Overview


This blog is established to identify and develop, age and/or disability issues, related to - former sex offenders - who are required to register under a state or the federal registry (SORNA).

In time we will categorize issues and try, with the help of our readers, to find ways to resolve issues, then post resolutions. Hopefully these resolves, maybe with subtle changes necessitated by local laws, help registrants' in their daily lives.

Further, if there is no real resolve, then it is an issue which needs to be brought to the attention of lawmakers. Knowing the way lawmakers feel about former sex offenders we can, at best, raise the issues and hope they do not fall on deaf ears as so many issues do.

We are open to ways to make the theory of this blog work, to the benefit of all those who are aged or with disabilities no matter what their issue is, they all need to be identified; our main goal.

Accordingly, all suggestions are welcomed. Long term we hope that lawmakers will listen as most of these issues will be lifetime and affect major life functions of registrants.


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