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TN- Federal court to TennCare: Nursing home placements violate ADA

12-23-2008 Tennessee:

The Legal Aid Society announced this morning a win in a case that sought to keep TennCare patients using home health care from being forced into nursing homes.

Citing budget cuts, TennCare wants to move about 1,000 people from home health care into nursing homes. In its ruling, the federal court in Nashville ordered TennCare to keep funding home health care for 20 plaintiffs.

Placing them into nursing homes without evaluating the financial, medical and social impacts would likely violate the federal Americans with Disabilities Act, the court ruled.

If you or someone you know is potentially being forced into a nursing home over TennCare cuts, please contact reporter Kate Howard at (615) 726-8968. ..Source.. by Heidi Hall • The Tennessean

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