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New lawsuit filed in case over abuse at Minn. nursing home

11-11-2010 Missouri:

A seventh lawsuit has been filed in U.S. District Court in South Dakota on behalf of a deceased victim in a high-profile Minnesota elder abuse case.

Kenneth Hojberg's family filed a lawsuit Monday against the Evangelical Good Samaritan Society of South Dakota about abuse that occurred in 2008 at the company's Albert Lea home.

Hojberg died Oct. 15.

Civil lawsuits in Minnesota die with the victim, but the claims remain open for litigation in South Dakota.

Albert Lea residents Brianna Broitzman and Ashton Larson, both 20, were charged with assault, abuse of vulnerable adults, disorderly conduct by a caregiver and failure to report abuse. Four other women were charged as juveniles with failure to report.

Broitzman was sentenced Oct. 22 to 180 days in jail. Larson will be sentenced in December.

A 2008 investigation by the Minnesota Department of Health states that Broitzman and Larson were leaders of a group of young employees who poked residents in the breasts, rubbed their genitals, held them down until they screamed, hit them with canes and exposed their buttocks to other residents.

Hojberg's lawsuit, like the six filed in South Dakota before it, claims that Good Samaraitan failed to properly screen or monitor its employees.

The company cooperated with law enforcement once the incident was reported, however, according to police and court records.

Sioux Falls is home to the corporate offices of the Good Samaritan Society. ..Source.. by John Hult

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