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OLD NEWS: Senior Citizen Sex Offender Being Evicted

Time and time again I come across a eviction such as this, and it is ILLEGAL! HUD Rules PERMIT this man to live in subsidized housing such as this. Study the highlighting, "tier II" "low level" in other words this man IS NOT required to register for a LIFETIME, such a person is permitted to live in this housing. see "Are ALL sex offenders prohibited from living in federally assisted housing?"
1-10-2011 Ohio:

JOHNSTOWN, Ohio -- People who live at ____independent senior living apartment building in Johnstown are upset they weren't notified that a sex offender was living among them. They found out by word of mouth, after one of the tenants discovered ____ was listed on the Licking County sheriff's office web site as a Tier II sex offender.

___, 81, was convicted of gross sexual imposition. The property manager at ____ said [his] daughter, who has power of attorney, filled out his application in the spring and did not list his correct address. At the time, ___ was serving a 180-day jail sentence.

"I did not get official notice myself until the Licking County detective came to verify his living arrangements here and that's the first I knew of it," said Debbie Scartz, property manager at ___, a National Church Residences Community.

Scartz said she followed guidelines issued by the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development, which are designed to prevent lifetime sex offenders from receiving federal housing assistance. She performed a criminal background check and credit check and ____ was approved.

"When I ran it, he wasn't (registered) and from what I understand, there was a time when charges were filed, they were dropped and refiled and apparently, when I ran the credit and criminal, at that time showed nothing because they were in the process of being refiled," Scartz said.

___ is in the process of being evicted, which could take up to 30 days, as long as it isn't contested.

"Now that this has happened to this organization, I know that somehow he got through the cracks of the system," Scartz said.

___'s online file was updated October 28, 2010 and he is currently listed as a sex offender. He is listed on the list of all sex offenders in Licking County, but does not show up on a map search. His address is listed as "not mappable."

A Licking County sheriff's detective said certain low-level offenders do not require notification. That is why the people who live at ____ were not notified by mail or email alerts.

It is not known whether ____'s application would have been flagged had his daughter listed his correct address. Scartz said she could not discuss further specifics about questions answered on his application.

"My main concern is the safety and well-being of my residents, so we are proceeding with the eviction. It's just a long procedure," she said.

Thomas Baker, who stopped to buy gas at the nearby Sunoco station, told NBC4 he thought all facilities should follow guidelines.

"Now, if there is something wrong with the guidelines, then I think those should be pursued," he said. "Whether a sex offender should be able to live in a senior citizen home, now that's another whole situation." ..Source.. by Tanya Hutchins

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