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Program to provide smoke alarms for the deaf

6-5-2014 Ohio:

There isn't much left to a home on south Poplar street in Fostoria.

It's a tragic reminder of the lives lost.

Monday, fire investigators say Shey Weiker, intentionally set fire to the structure with a railroad flare.

Danny Marker Jr and Tara Vance were killed, and another woman was seriously injured.

The fire department says they had no warning.

"It came to our attention that there were no smoke detectors in the home, we did not find or hear any upon our arrival," says Warren Digby, Acting Chief, Fostoria Fire Department.

All three people inside were reportedly deaf and wouldn't have heard a traditional smoke detector.

However, there is a state program that provides custom detectors for those who are unable to hear.

"It's a two part unit, one is a regular smoke detector that would go on the ceiling," Chief Digby said. "When that goes off it triggers a unit that would be beside your bed, that in some fashion vibrates the bed."

Digby says he's got a list of 12 Fostoria residents who are in need.

The next step is to send the names to the State Fire Marshal's Office, which will, in turn, ship them out for free.

The local department will even help with installation.

It's also not limited to just Fostoria.

Anyone, in any community, can contact their local fire station to get one of these smoke alarms.

"It definitely will save lives," Digby said. ..Source.. by Amy Montgomery

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