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California considering a change in Education code related to Deaf Persons

10-4-15 California:

We are getting this from DeafInPrison blog, issues following Happy Birthday post:

Second, California is currently debating a change to their education code, that will create a protection for ASL as the official language of the Deaf and HOH. If this law passes, all students who have language problems in the English speaking world, will have ASL classes available to them. Likewise, Hearing students who want to go into Special Education, as well as ASL clubs and classes in mainstreamed schools, will be offered the opportunity to learn Sign. the following video was made by students in an ASL club in an unidentified California High School. If you’re interested in learning more, the name of the law is SB210, and here’s the .gov link:

There is much more over there, so we suggest folks finish reading there CLICK

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