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OR- Bill would admit some sex-crime confessions

4-17-2009 Oregon:

A bill that cleared the Oregon House without dissent Wednesday would allow admission of confessions to sex crimes against vulnerable adults and children as evidence in a trial, even when the victim is unable to speak in court.

"When the defendant has confessed, it is heartbreaking that justice cannot be served because of the victim's inability to testify," said Rep. Sara Gelser, D-Corvallis, floor manager for House Bill 2441, which moves to the Senate.

The bill would apply only to sex crimes committed against individuals that the court has determined unable to testify in court. In addition, a judge must determine that the confession is trustworthy in a pre-trial hearing before the confession can be admitted. If the defendant is a person with a developmental disability, a person with a mental illness, or a juvenile, the confession won't be admitted.

Once the confession is deemed admissible, it would be entered into evidence at a trial and considered by the jury like any other evidence. ..Source.. by Peter Wong

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