Hot Topic: Nursing Homes for Sex Offenders & Violent Offenders

SC- Bill aims to protect vulnerable adults

4-17-2009 South Carolina:

A Senate subcommittee approved a resolution Thursday to establish a registry of convicted offenders of vulnerable and abused adults.

The resolution directs the state Budget and Control Board to order agencies that deal with the Adult Protection Act to report convicted cases of adult abuse and neglect to a state agency that will post the convicted on a state Web site.

State Sen. Joel Lourie, D-Richland, who is sponsoring the bill, said the Web site would function much like the state’s sex offender registry, serving as a clearinghouse for employers and others who hire workers to care for vulnerable adults.

Under the proposal, offenders’ names would remain on the registry for five years after completion of their sentence for the crime of abuse, unless the offender committed another offense. ..Source.. by S.C. Politics Today

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